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Classical Tui Na

Classical Tui Na

Classical Tui Na is a comprehensive system of Chinese medical massage. Based on the lineage of the late Master Ken Ark Fun Gong and drawing upon the latest research in anatomy, orthopedics, and the teachings of other modern masters, the system is a synthesis of over 25 years of clinical experience and over 40 years of martial arts practice. The Classical Tui Na system has been methodically analyzed and optimized for the most effective results, not just in treatment of disease but in prevention as well.

The cornerstone of the Classical Tui Na system is quick, effective pain relief and restoration of impaired function. The system consists of a series of protocols that can be combined, modified, and applied to address nearly all musculoskeletal disorders as well as common complaints in internal medicine. Most sequences can be completed in 5-10 minutes and can be used as stand-alone therapy or as a perfect adjunct to other therapies such as acupuncture, qi gong and physical therapy exercises, and herbal therapy. The system is known for creating dramatic improvement and drastic reduction in symptoms, often within minutes.

Students who complete the Classical Tui Na series of courses will have a well-rounded understanding of how to effectively integrate tui na into their practice and improve treatment outcomes.

Upcoming Classes in Classical Tui Na

Neck and Upper Limb Foundations

Building upon the Back Protocol from the introductory class, students will learn effective treatment strategies specific to disorders of the neck and upper extremities. Through detailed explanation of anatomy and biomechanics as well as hand-on practice, students will leave the classroom with a deeper understanding of the practical application of Tui Na hand techniques, protocols, and how to put that information to immediate use to improve clinical outcomes.

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