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Grand Rounds

Clinical Grand Rounds

We offer at Evolve Health + Wellness the unique and rare opportunity for licensed practitioners seeking advanced clinical education to observe and learn from highly regarded senior practitioners and experts in their respective fields.

Weekend day seminars consist of a morning session of patient care, followed by an afternoon session of case discussion and treatment strategies. Participants will be able to witness experienced clinicians at work, and will also have the rare opportunity to have their questions regarding specific treatment answered in real time.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Learn about the continuum of care for patients from diagnosis through treatment and aftercare
  • Develop communication strategies with patients and other members of the patient’s healthcare team
  • Learn and apply the most current practice guidelines for the use of all modalities within Traditional Chinese Medicine in common clinical circumstances
  • Identify effective strategies to help reduce or prevent the side effects conventional/allopathic biomedical treatments
  • Learn from experienced clinicians best practices for patient management on a case-by-case basis

In order to guarantee the best possible experience for patients as well as participants, the number of students accepted for each seminar will be limited. Applications will be accepted as soon as a seminar becomes available and will be processed in the order that they are received. Participants must be licensed professionals; we apologize, but we are not accepting unlicensed students for this program.

Please contact the Clinic Director at ninimai@evolvehealthnyc.com for more information and registration.

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