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Chinese Medicine in Oncology: Supportive Care for Cancer Patients

Students will learn the role of Chinese medicine in addressing side-effects of chemo-radiation therapy and complications associated with statistically common cancers.  Etiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment will be presented for both Chinese and conventional medical models.  Strategies for cancer prevention and treatment of survivors will be covered.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Describe the origin and development of oncology theory in Chinese medicine.
  • Explain the etiology, pathology and diagnosis of commonly seen cancers from a biomedical and Chinese medicine perspective.
  • Describe conventional interventions for the treatment and management of commonly seen cancers and side-effects of cancer treatment.
  • Identify appropriate treatment principles and methods in Chinese medicine for the symptoms of commonly seen cancers and side-effects of cancer treatment.
  • Effectively communicate to the patient and other members of the allied healthcare team about the supportive care role, including the risk and benefit of using Chinese medicine before, during or after treatment for cancer.

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