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Trauma Medicine

Trauma Medicine

Chinese Trauma Medicine and External Applications

Advances in medicine are often borne on the battlefield, where the need to innovate for the sake of human life is at its greatest. The treatment of traumatic and acute injury has historically been one of the pillars of Chinese medicine, and yet it is rarely mentioned in modern TCM education in the United States.

This course teaches Chinese medicine techniques to treat traumatic injury from the acute to chronic stages. Conditions such as sprains, ligament tears, muscle tears, bone breaks, and inflammation due to trauma will be discussed from both the allopathic as well as Chinese medical perspective. Treatment methodology will include Tui Na and herbs for external application. Skills taught in this class are very useful tools for practitioners, and can also be performed by laypersons as well. A truly unique course designed to provide knowledge and skills that will prove as valuable in everyday life as they are in the treatment room.

First Responder Training

Chinese Medicine, First Aid, and CPR

An essential course for practitioners who are seeking to hone their skills in crisis and emergency situations, or in remote area locations where access to emergency care is limited.

Course content will feature Chinese and Western medicine training, as well as the option to receive CPR certification. Students will learn specialty skills that will broaden their knowledge and help them develop new skills to use in the treatment room and abroad. This course is particularly beneficial to practitioners who are interested in doing volunteer and aid work, as it will cover some of the potential scenarios that may be encountered.

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