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Aug 14

Fasting Mimicking Diet: What is it?

Fasting, the practice of abstaining from eating or drinking for an extended period of time, is not a new concept — it has been in practice for about as long as civilization has existed. In modern times, it has been associated most commonly with religious practices or weight loss, but cultures around the world have […]

May 10

What Side Effects Really Mean

  According to WebMD, the most common side effects of a multi-billion dollar, cholesterol lowering, statin medication are joint pain, diarrhea, indigestion, “pain,” throat irritability, and urinary tract infections. The list of “infrequent” and “rare” side effects seems to drone on to the bottom of the page’s infinity, ranging in everything from hives to Hepatitis, […]

May 04

Do you want to hear our birth story?

10 years ago, Frank and Nini began a friendship rooted in Chinese medicine and philanthropy. Years later, that friendship blossomed into a loving partnership, and in 2014 the world met their son, Xavier. Frank and Nini turned to each other and said: “How in the world are we going to ever do better than that?” […]

Mar 19

Sugar: The New Smoking

After freshman year of college my Probation Officer issued me a final warning: If one more marijuana test came back positive I’d be “in violation” and imprisoned. I thought I would never quit weed, nor would I be able to if I had to; but apparently we can do just about anything, depending on the […]

Mar 09

Spring Cleaning

There is more to cleaning than just the merit of cleanliness. Even if we’re not talking squeaky, shiny clean, the process of cleaning up can have a profound effect on your mental health and cognitive performance. There is evidence that clutter adversely affects decision-making and can cause changes on a hormonal and cellular level. For example, […]

Feb 28

5 Reasons I Know Acupuncture Works

Since becoming an acupuncturist I’ve heard people allege, arguably via selective auditory attention, that acupuncture’s efficacy may be placebo, implying of course that I may be a fool, whether they realize said implication or not. If they do then this makes them quite rude – whereas if they don’t… well, who’s the fool now? Most […]

Feb 16

Happy Lunar New Year!

Shrimp the dog is looking into the future like 🐶 May your year be filled to overflowing with health, joy, and prosperity. . . . #EvolveHealthNYC #BeWell #yearofthedog #lunarnewyear #byefirerooster #helloearthdog
Feb 10

Back to Health: Yoga for Back Pain

It’s not too late to join in. Continues today and every Saturday until the end of March. . . Tap link in bio for more info on this class and our other yoga and qi gong offerings. . . #EvolveHealthNYC #BeWell #yoga #qigong #movement #les #lowereastside
Feb 08

💥New programming alert!

💥New programming alert!💥 Classical Tui Na – Full curriculum in one year, from foundations to advanced mobilizations. Practical clinical applications and treatment strategies. . April 21-22 June 9-10 September 22-23 . Tap link in bio for more info on this class and our many other post-graduate CEU offerings. . . #EvolveHealthNYC #BeWell […]
Feb 04

9am Ashtanga in the Lower East Side

Come through and Rise Up with us. ☀️ . . . #NYC #EvolveHealthNYC #BeWell #yoga #ashtanga #vinyasa #lowereastside #les #soho #eastvillage #nolita #chinatown

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