Jen Resnick

“Wellness for modern patients engaging the wisdom and integrity of ancient medicine”

  • As Co-Founder of Global Alternative Healthcare Project – a grassroots volunteer organization – she has helped to bring free care and health education to thousands of people in underserved regions both domestically and abroad
  • Began honing her skills in 2001 as an assistant to Dr. Frank Butler and has maintained private practice since 2006
  • With over 34 years of martial arts training, she brings the same discipline and excellence to patient care that made her an international champion on the training floor

Curriculum Vitae

Clinical Practice

2015-Present Evolve Health + Wellness, New York, NY
Acupuncturist, Programs Coordinator, Qi Gong Instructor
2008-2015 SoHo Herbs and Acupuncture, New York, NY
2006-2008 PracticeArts, Healing Arts, Oakland, CA
Owner, Acupuncturist


2005 Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, New York, NY
Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine
1991 San Francisco State University
Cultural Studies Graduate Program, MA (abt)
1986 Brown University, Providence, RI
Bachelors of Art, Semiotics & English Literature

Licensure and Certifications

2005 State of New York, Lic # 003223
2006 State of California, Lic # 11197
2005 NCCAOM Board Certified in Oriental Medicine

Teaching Experience

2015-Present Evolve Health + Wellness, New York, NY
Qi Gong Instructor
2002-Present Hand To Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center, Oakland, CA
Head Instructor of Internal Arts
2010-2016 Zheng Gu Tui Na, New York, NY
CEU seminars in US, Canada and Europe
Senior Instructor
2010-2011 Tri State College of Acupuncture, New York, NY
Tui Na, Chinese Medical Massage, Qi Gong
Adjunct Faculty
2002-2008 Hand To Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center, Oakland, CA
Executive Director, Head Instructor
2006 Mills College, P.E. Department, Oakland, CA
Adjunct Faculty
2000-2002 Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, NY Campus
Tui Na
Teaching Assistant
2000-2002 Excelsior Health Club, New York, NY
Tai Chi
1997–2000 Training Circle, New York, NY & Oakland, CA
Practice space dedicated to cross-training and openness of methodology. Kajukenbo Kung Fu, Shaolin and Wushu
Co-Founder, Instructor
1992 – 2000 Destiny Arts Center, Oakland CA
Kajukenbo, Wushu and Outdooor Adventure for Teen Club (ages 11-18)
1992 – 2000 Hand to Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center, Oakland, CA
Kajukenbo Kung Fu, Self Defense
1996 Andrew College, P.E. Department, Cuthbert GA
Kung Fu and Self Defense
Adjunct Faculty

National Training Conference

2002, 06, 08-10, 12-14 National Women’s Martial Arts Federation Annual Training
2002, 07, 10, 12, 15 Pacific Association Women’s Martial Arts Annual Training
2008, 12-14, 15 Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors Conference
2010 Pacific Assn of Women’s Martial Artists
First Aid Trainer
2011 National Women’s Martial Arts Federation Training
First Aid Trainer

Conflict Resolution / Self Defense

2002-Present Hand To Hand Self Defense Center, Oakland CA
Develop and instruct self defense workshops for various clients for women and girls
1998 Ruckus Safety Awareness, NYC
Helped create and instruct a series of classes for the LGBT community in New York City
1995-1997 Destiny Arts Center Youth Leadership Training Program
Program trains youth to be peer teachers of anti-violence, conflict resolution and self defense
1995 Coalition of Women Anti-Violence Instructors
National coalition of self defense instructors formed as a delegation to the 1995 NGO Forum paralleling the United Nations Fourth Conference on Women in Beijing

Martial Arts Training

2005–Present Ba Gua: Tang Shou Tao Association, Shifu Su Zi Fang
2001-Present Qi Gong: Tom Bisio, Frank Butler
2001–Present Shing Yi: Frank Butler, James Montalbano
1997-Present Shifus Zhang Li Peng, Shi Heng Xin, Shi Guo Lin, Shi Yan Ming
1991-Present Kajukenbo: Professor Coleen Gragen, Professor Barbara Bones Hand to Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center
1986-Present Shaolin Kung Fu:
1983-Present Tai Chi: ShiFus Lam Lim Wong, Alex Feng, Fukui Yang, Ren Guang Yi, Su Zi Fang
1997-2000 Silat Seni Gayong America: Chekgu Sulaiman Shariff
1997-2000 Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Ba Gua, Wu Shu: Shifu Fukui Yang
1996–2000 Kali: Lakan Guro Akko Nishimura
1986-88 Shifu Chen Shui Shan, Chinese Martial Arts Training Center, Taiwan
1986 Wu Shu: Beijing Sports Academy
1983-1986 Tai Mantis Kung Fu: Lam Lim Wong
1982 Aikido: Brown Aikido Club

Professional Activities

2007-Present Global Alternative Healthcare Project (GAHP)
Co-Founder, Director of Programs and Research Development,
Senior Clinician, Team Leader, Trainer
Nepal (2008-Present)
Bali (2008-2012)
Navajo Nation (2008-Present)
Jackson Hole, WY (2009-Present)
Vietnam (2012-Present)
2002-2005 SoHo Herbs and Acupuncture

Research Activities

2015 Consultant for Research Project**
2011 Taromina, K, Travaglione, M, Resnick, J, Goodwin, F, Butler, F. Delivering Chinese Medicine to Populations in the Developing World
Oral Presentation: American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM) Conference, Baltimore, MD, 2011


1995 FIRST DEGREE BLACK BELT, Kajukenbo Association of America (KAA)
2007 CHIEF INSTRUCTOR, Professor Barbara Bones, KAA
2014 SIXTH DEGREE BLACK BELT, Professor Barbara Bones

Gold and Silver Medalist Brown Belt Division, Gay Games, NYC 1994
Gold and Silver Medalist Guoshu National Martial Arts Tournament 1999
Gold Medalist USAKWF International Martial Arts Tournament 1999, 2000
Nominated Competitor of the Year, National Guoshu Federation 2000
Gold and Silver Medalist Black Belt Division, Gay Games, Australia 2002