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Mar 18

Virtual Visits

*** Virtual Visits are covered by some insurance plans. Please verify your coverage HERE and our billing department will get back to you as soon as possible. ***


As many of you already know, Evolve has been providing Virtual Visits as a reliable service option for our patients who are unable to make it into the office. In light of the recent pandemic, we invite everyone to utilize this service, and in order to make Virtual Visits as accessible as possible, we are reducing our regular out-of-pocket costs to $50 for a 30-minute consult and $25 for every 15 minutes thereafter.

The purpose of this blog post is to familiarize you with what we can do from a distance and to how you can prepare for your Virtual Visit.

What is it?

We are able to connect with you and offer you the same expertise and individualized care, even if we cannot meet in person. A Virtual Visit can be conducted anywhere, with the only requirement being access to a device with internet connectivity and a comfortable place for you to have a private conversation.

When should I schedule a Virtual Visit?

Here are some instances in which it would be beneficial to schedule a Virtual Visit:

  • Herbal Consultations for new formulae, modifications, or refills
  • Changes to your medications or treatment plan in coordination with your healthcare team
  • Nutritional Consultations for an individualized meal plan or recommendations on your current diet
  • Fitness Consultations for when you are motivated but need guidance on what to do
  • Determinations of positions or exercises best for you in the presence of pre-existing conditions
  • Acute triage for orthopedic conditions
  • QiGong and Meditation instruction

Visits at Evolve are individualized, therefore who you should speak to depends largely on what your needs are. If you have any questions about which practitioner would be best for your current concern, please call us at 212-945-7300 to schedule an appointment. Once an appointment is made, you will receive an email confirming your appointment, similar to the ones you receive for our in-office visits.

How do I prepare for a Virtual Visit?

Upon booking your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to your Virtual Visit meeting room. You can download the free app and familiarize yourself with the platform before your appointment.

Before your scheduled appointment time, you can prepare by getting your device ready and locating your headphones or headset if needed. Be sure to pick a location void of distraction, in which you are comfortable speaking freely about your health concerns. For physical assessment visits, it would be helpful to have space in which you are free to move unencumbered and in view of your device. For herbal consultations, it is important to visualize your tongue in natural light, so positioning yourself near a window is helpful. Preparing for your visit will allow more time for your practitioner to answer your questions and concerns. This includes a list of current and recent prescriptions and dosages so that your practitioner will be best able to advise you and offer appropriate recommendations.

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