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Dr. Nini Mai, DACM

Mar 31

Tips for Flattening the Curve

The coronavirus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (DNA) covered by a protective layer of lipid (fat), which then multiplies when it makes its way into our bodies and causes us to become sick. The virus is actually very fragile; the only thing that protects it is a thin outer layer of […]

Mar 18

COVID-19 and Fertility

For those of you undergoing treatments for fertility and pregnancy, we understand what you must be going through during this time of heightened uncertainty. We feel that dispelling the myths and providing you with evidence-based, updated information is the best way to empower ourselves as a community. There is an overwhelming amount of information available […]

Mar 18

Virtual Visits

*** Virtual Visits are covered by some insurance plans. Please verify your coverage HERE and our billing department will get back to you as soon as possible. ***   As many of you already know, Evolve has been providing Virtual Visits as a reliable service option for our patients who are unable to make it […]

Mar 18

COVID-19 Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery

Many have asked what we can do as individuals to support the collective health of the community. Our general approach to health care can be divided into three stages: Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery. Here is a list of general recommendations in support of your well-being: Prevention This is key. Prevention eliminates the need for the […]

Aug 14

Fasting Mimicking Diet: What is it?

Fasting, the practice of abstaining from eating or drinking for an extended period of time, is not a new concept — it has been in practice for about as long as civilization has existed. In modern times, it has been associated most commonly with religious practices or weight loss, but cultures around the world have […]

May 04

Do you want to hear our birth story?

10 years ago, Frank and Nini began a friendship rooted in Chinese medicine and philanthropy. Years later, that friendship blossomed into a loving partnership, and in 2014 the world met their son, Xavier. Frank and Nini turned to each other and said: “How in the world are we going to ever do better than that?” […]

Mar 09

Spring Cleaning

There is more to cleaning than just the merit of cleanliness. Even if we’re not talking squeaky, shiny clean, the process of cleaning up can have a profound effect on your mental health and cognitive performance. There is evidence that clutter adversely affects decision-making and can cause changes on a hormonal and cellular level. For example, […]

Feb 04

9am Ashtanga in the Lower East Side

Come through and Rise Up with us. ☀️ . . . #NYC #EvolveHealthNYC #BeWell #yoga #ashtanga #vinyasa #lowereastside #les #soho #eastvillage #nolita #chinatown

Feb 01

That’s a lot of chairs!

Come take a class with us soon, ok? 📓📚✏️ Tap the link in our bio for upcoming classes. . . . #NYC #EvolveHealthNYC #BeWell #chinesemedicine #acupuncture #education #excellence #empowerment

Jan 19

Spying on Rachel 👀 at the front desk

. . . #NYC #EvolveHealthNYC #BeWell #fishtank
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DEC 16

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