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Mar 15


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Jan 31

The Alignment of Yoga with Chinese Medicine

In downward dog – the default “reset” yoga pose – we press “kidney 1,” the wood point on acupuncture’s water channel, and “heart 8,” the fire point on its fire channel – into the earth, concurrently using the former to tuck our heart into our lap and the latter to push our kidneys into the […]

Mar 24

Acupuncture and Herbs for Seasonal Allergies

Spring is when life blossoms and lushness returns to our surroundings. At the dawn of spring, as nature awakens from the cold, dormant slumber of winter, we, too, feel awakened and revitalized. In a sense, the world is reborn, and many of us feel renewed in the process. Spring is often thought of as a […]

Apr 27

How I fell in love with Mindfulness

Despite being a fairly self aware person, life has always presented situations where I have found myself thinking: who is this person and why am I acting this way? For example, why would I become uncomfortably tongue tied in interviews despite adequate preparation and knowing what’s to come? Or: why does it feel impossible at […]

Apr 18

Free and Easy Wandering

“Heaven begins to generate warm energy and Earth begins to develop, so that everything flourishes… The spring possesses the will to grow, and after things have grown, do not destroy them.” Spring is finally here! You can feel the transitioning of winter into spring as the temperature ping pongs up and down, keeping us on […]

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DEC 16

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