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Jun 02

First Aid and CPR Training

Have you ever wondered how you can use Traditional Chinese Medicine to assist in emergencies? This three-day course under the expert instruction of Ray Cramer, EMT and Dr. Frank Butler, DACM will be an illuminating exploration into First Aid from both Western Medicine and TCM perspectives. Get in quick! Open to all. CPR certification available. […]

Jul 01

Opioid Addiction: Natural Pain Relief through Acupuncture

This year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revised its guidelines for prescribing opioid pain relief. In the US, opioid addiction has resulted in hundreds of thousands of people overdosing on prescription medication. The CDC has reported that deaths from prescription opioids quadrupled since 1999, resulting in 78 American deaths due to […]

Dec 01

What is Community Style Acupuncture?

At Evolve Health + Wellness we offer one-on-one treatments in a private setting, but acupuncture clinics can operate many different ways. One type of clinic model is called Community Style Acupuncture, where treatments are administered in a group setting, typically while seated in a chair or a recliner. If you are accustomed to receiving treatment […]

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DEC 16

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