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What Is Community Style Acupuncture?

At Evolve Health + Wellness we offer one-on-one treatments in a private setting, but acupuncture clinics can operate in many different ways. One type of clinic model is called Community Style Acupuncture, where treatments are administered in a group setting, typically while seated in a chair or a recliner. If you are accustomed to receiving treatment in a private setting, this practice may seem strange, but there are many benefits to Community Style Acupuncture.

One of the questions frequently asked regarding Community Style Acupuncture is whether or not it is as effective as “regular” acupuncture. There are acupuncture points all over the body and a large number of them are on the arms and legs, below the elbows and knees. These points are readily accessible regardless of whether a person is lying down or seated. There are certain situations in which receiving acupuncture while seated is in the fact the best course of treatment.

Elevating Endorphins
Studies have been conducted to show that the body will increase the release of endorphins during acupuncture treatment starting at 10 mins after needle insertion and reaches a maximum benefit after 20 minutes. This effect is further heightened when done in a group setting.

There can be a shared camaraderie in the experience of receiving acupuncture in a group setting. People who have needle-phobia or have experienced certain traumas find that being treated with others helps to alleviate some of the anxieties. Friends and family members can be treated together, lending support to each other during the process of healing.

We regularly host Community Acupuncture Benefit events – a Community Style Acupuncture clinic wherein people can come and receive acupuncture treatment for donations. People are welcome to pay what they like, and one hundred percent of the proceeds will go directly to partnered charities and aid organizations, both locally and globally.

If you have ever thought of giving Community Style Acupuncture a try, please consider joining us and supporting well-being for others near and far.