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What’s in a Name?

Before we had a location, we had an idea: to build a clinic that would serve not only as the home of our practice, but also as a space to elevate and transform education about East Asian medicine for both professionals and the general public alike. We wanted to create a central hub of ideas and innovation that would become a valuable community resource for anyone looking for expert, reliable, accurate information on East Asian medicine and how to best integrate it with other healthcare practices.

It seemed like a pretty lofty idea at the time, one that would require lots of resources and the help of many, many great minds. Not to mention, there was nowhere for this theoretical medical center to call home. As any New Yorker would tell you, the greatest obstacle in this city isn’t lack of brilliant ideas – it’s the lack of real estate.

Then, quite suddenly and with great serendipity, we landed in a space! An amazing space full of possibility, with plenty of room for our project to grow. Now the question was: what do we call ourselves?

Words started coming to mind about how to convey our intention. Words like: love, compassion, efficacy, reliability, education, change, expertise, and revolutionary kept resurfacing in the midst of all the brainstorming. I couldn’t help but feel like we needed something more, but somehow less.

Evolve: dramatically different, but in an effortless and organic kind of way.

For the individual seeking care, is it about acquiring the tools that enable one to adapt and grow in the face of challenges in order to achieve a healthy fulfilled life. For the physician, it is about transforming the way we have all practiced individually into a collaborative and cooperative group practice that becomes more than just the sum of its parts. Employing multi-disciplinary approaches to patient-centered care, each patient visit and each individual’s journey in healing becomes part of the larger instrument in changing the conversation on healthcare.

After months of careful planning and construction, we are ready to open our doors.

We welcome you now to come Evolve with us, in Health + Wellness.