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Patient Education May 02, 2018


Patients often come into my clinic inquiring whether acupuncture can help weight loss, and the go-to response I’ve come to develop is: “Can water put out fire?” It isn’t to sound arrogant or offer some professionally irres [...]

Article | Patient Education Jan 21, 2018


If you begin googling, “does acupuncture…” you won’t make it past the first “u” before Google characteristically injects by finishing: “Does acupuncture hurt?” What I’ve come to realize is what people are real [...]

Article | Patient Education Mar 24, 2017


Spring is when life blossoms and lushness returns to our surroundings. At the dawn of spring, as nature awakens from the cold, dormant slumber of winter, we, too, feel awakened and revitalized. In a sense, the world is reborn, [...]

Patient Education Jul 01, 2015

Nini Mai, DACM